Baby Changing Station: What are the Essentials You Need?

When you have a baby in the family, you are positively in a perennial state of diaper duty. While you cannot evade the inevitable dirty diapers, still you can sufficiently prepare for the task with the proper setup and necessities.

A clever way to approach the diaper duty is to install a sensibly equipped baby changing station. Regardless if you favor a stand-alone changing area, desk, or dresser, see to it that the surface must be approximately 36” to 43” above the floor to discourage bending while you clean your baby.

Moreover, as the task of diaper change is relentlessly a struggle, be sure that the table legs are durable. With that duly taken cared of, here’s a few round-up of the essentials you need to stock your changing station:

changing station


Whether you prefer disposable or cloth diapers, for practicality purposes it is best that you stack everything in a corner where you readily can get hold of it during changing time. If you opt for disposable ones, ensure that you take it out of the plastic bag for easy access.

Besides that, considering that your baby will go through a number of diapers daily, remember to stack your changing station with a day’s worth of nappies. You can keep the others in a cabinet close to your changing station for accessibility.

Diaper Pail

Placing a diaper pail or any odor-sealing trash can nearby is highly advisable so you wouldn’t have to leave your baby on the station while you throw away the soiled diaper.

To prevent back problems, you can opt to purchase foot-pedal trash cans to avoid bending often and remain hands-free.

Baby wipes

Similar with diapers, you will go through baby wipes quickly. With that said, you may purchase these in bulk. If you are inclined to use a box of wipes, you can purchase the box once and then get refills in bulk the second time around.

Incidentally, don’t forget to keep the baby wipes handy. If possible, place wipes inside your car, the baby changing station, near your baby’s bed, and elsewhere you and your baby might be spending time. You will be needing this as a quick remedy for a whole lot of baby messes.

Hand sanitizer

While you should remember that hand washing is the best practice, it will be risky for you to head on to the bathroom to this and leave your baby on the station. As such, the smartest to do this is to apply hand sanitizer before and after changing your baby’s nappies.

Afterward, when your baby is inside the playpen, then you can wash your hands in the bathroom. Since hand sanitizers typically contain alcohol, keep it out of your little one’s reach.

Spare changing pad cover

You may be swift in changing your baby’s diaper, however, there will still be times that you’ll encounter an accident and mess the changing pad. In order to prevent this, you can purchase a waterproof cover pad that you can set over your changing table.

At times that your baby makes a mess, you can readily replace the cover with a clean one.