Best Telenor 2G, 3G, 4G Subscription Packages

Telenor Mobile and Internet Packages

Telenor is the first global telecommunication service provider that is headquartered in Norway. Today it is the leading mobile network provider that is giving versatile benefits to the users with all their three transmission capacities such as 2G, 3G and 4G. Being a global media telecommunication organization had been serving millions of people with their web bundles that are helpful than others with number of choices. Although it was noticed that 2G and 3G were not that compatible. Hence Telenor had launched its 4G LTE benefits that have better speed and available on moderate rates. They provide best services to use on every day, weekly basis, monthly basis and for nightly hours depending on the needs of users that fits right into their pocket budget. Likewise recently it had benefited its customers with three-day web packages with pre-paid and postpaid offers.

Different Telenor Internet Packages

Djuice and Talkshaw are the two Telenor customers who use 4G subscriptions. So far many Telenor customers has benefited with 4G internet packages on daily, weekly, monthly and nightly basis.

Daily Packages: You can subscribe at any time of the day but do check the time limit before taking the subscription. It costs you between Rs.12 to Rs.16 and lets you use 50 to 350 MB and 1.5 GB on raat din offer.

Weekly Packages: It is suitable for the person who needs internet connection in his phone for the whole week. This subscription costs them around Rs.75 to Rs.160 and also lets them use 750 MB to 4000 MB volume of data.

Monthly Packages: This monthly subscription is offered to Telenor prepaid customers with tons of monthly packages to avail internet access for the whole month. This subscription starts from Rs. 150 to Rs.750. Some let you use 2250 MB to 10,000 MB volume and the others 2 GB +1 GB pocket TV to 4 GB.

Telenor 4G Data SIM Package: It can be availed on your data sim devices. If choosing for month subscription then it costs you Rs.500 to Rs.6000 on monthly basis and allows 4 GB to 180 GB data to access. If the customer is planning for 3 months then it costs him around Rs.4000 and allows 75 GB to access which means 25 GB per month.


To wrap up the content about different Telenor internet packages anyone can avail them at anytime. Choose your subscription listed from the above which might be a 2G, 3G, 4G subscriptions and deep dive into fast internet. Enjoy both Telenor tele services and internet packages that meet your needs.