Different types of IP address

In order to access internet from your computer, you need an IP address. Knowing the IP address is also quite important in order to troubleshoot the problems which may usually occur while using the internet connection. Basically there are two types of IP address, one is local IP and the other one is external IP. Many people are not aware of the ways of finding the IP address. Especially people who don’t have enough technical knowledge tend to have various difficulties in finding the IP address. But it is to be noted that this is not a complicated thing as they sound to be. If the right method is followed, the IP address can be pointed out within fraction of seconds. There are several ways through which one can know their IP. The best way for finding the local and external IP are revealed in this article in order to help the people who are puzzled about how to find ip address.

Local IP address

External IP

The external IP is also known as the public IP address.  This can be found out easily by accessing the search engine. Any search engine can be taken into account. It might be Google, Yahoo or any other search engine. Once after entering the search engine, the user must type what’s my IP in the search box. Within fraction of seconds, the details about the external IP will get displayed in the page. It is to be noted that this process will consume only less than a minute. And even the children can handle this process in order to know about the external IP.

Local IP address

Like that of the external IP, the local IP can also be pointed out easily but the procedure is quite different. People who want to find the local IP must click on the menu in their windows.  In the start menu they must type cmd. The cmd will get opened and the user must click on this application. A new window will get emerged out. In the window one must type ipcofig which means IP configuration. A bunch of information will get displayed out of this search. In that, the local IP address will be clearly mentioned.