Drawbacks of the Polygraph tests

lie detector test

Nowadays people use lies for the sake of saving themselves from the situations that are againstthem. This is a common thing today; people choose alternatives for safeguarding themselves in the areas to make their situations favorable. A person lying is not detectable in front of others without any relevant proof. So lie detectors are available today to find out the culprit and it is used especially in criminal cases.

The importance of lie detectors is preferably consumed for criminals to sort out the case as quickly as possible. But it is not recommendable as it may sometimes lead to life threatening activity too. The lie detector test uk also provides examiners to identify the culprit by using high quality oriented polygraph equipments.

Let’s focus on the drawbacks of using the quality assured lie detector test uk equipment to find the real culprit:

  • Generally people those who lie usually raise more arguments for saving themselves, as they know that there is no proof filed against them. They manipulate situations according to them in a favorable approach. So in order to catch the criminal, examiners conducts this test. The results of taking this test conducted on a specific person, he/ she might feel nervous to take this test as they can’t control their physical reactions. The reason behind this is they are unaware of this test motive. So here the examiner could not justify the person who is lying. It certainly means that the examiner knows the fact that a person is fake by simply making his physiological reactions in a fake manner only. If the person knows about the essence of this test, examiner could not catch the culprit by acting to be nervous and tensed. So that culprit cannot be found as this test will not detect such persons those who feel more nervous.
  • When this test is taken due to office issues to find the fraud employee, it impacts the trust of the team members among their team and it results in the trust factor decreasing even though those team members have passed the test. A company growth depends on trust among all the employees with their team lead. So this test may interrupt the mutual association entitled with trust among team leads with their team members.


The people those who are not aware of this test, it is the examiner’s responsibility to let the people know about it. In this way, a real culprit can be found if he is not curious and anxiety in taking this test to detect he is saying truth or not will be clearly found in this scenario.