Both Google Play Store and Apple App Store have its own versions of different online dating applications which is popularly used by singles around the world. In fact, there are an estimated 107-million users alone in the United States.

This is how open people are into finding the perfect relationship for themselves and the numbers continue to rise each year.

Whether you are new or already a hustler when it comes to using online dating applications, you should read this article about the important tips about online dating apps that will give you one foot forward among other users.

using online dating applications

  1. Use the most popular dating applications- Why? It’s a no-brainer that all the good-looking people and almost everyone in the world uses the most popular dating apps compared to the less popular ones right? Most of the traffic comes from the mainstream apps such as Tinder, Match, Plentyoffish, and OkCupid that is why it’s essential to download and install this app for the bigger chances to land a pair.
  2. Use your best photos- Best photos means your actual photos so that your pair won’t get confused. Sadly, a lot of photos that you see often in social media are edited and enhanced. To set your pair or match’s expectations, you should use your real photos. Always remember that not all people want your physical appearance a lot of them prefers character overlooks. Use photos that are headshots and full body shots which are all not enhanced or retouched so that you’ll provide people using the online dating apps a more realistic idea of what you actually look like in person. Just be yourself.
  3. Make your profile compact- Reading a very lengthy biography about yourself or a paragraph about your interests is a thing of the past, people don’t care about it anymore so make your profile brief in a way that you summarize your interest, information and other important details that makes your potential match or pair have the convenience of reading it easily. The best word count would be 300 maximum. That would best summarize everything you want the whole world to know about you.
  4. Remove any filters from your profile- Filters in a way that you should be more specific about your location, interests and other stuff that describes the whole you. Don’t cover yourself with interests that you don’t even do in the first place just to impress someone.
  5. Update your profile regularly- Updating it means you can post new pictures, specifically the most recent ones. It’s one way to attract people to like your profile because they can sense that there’s a constant activity in your profile which means you are not an internet troll or a scam. Update it regularly in a way that your pairs are constantly updated of your most recent activities to keep them interested about you. However, don’t update it not in a way you do it every minute of the day or you’ll end up annoying to everyone who is connected to you in the online dating app that you’re using.