Papers to keep in mind while buying CPO

The market for used cars is increasing at a very rapid pace. Almost all automobile manufacturing companies are starting their own certified pre-owned programs. These programs are attracting a lot of customers to opt for used cars. There are a lot of benefits to this as well as cars for sale in chicago.

However, used cars could also be purchased from private dealers as well provided you get a good deal. But before you close the deal of a used car, make sure to ask the owner about certain documents of the car. These documents are important to ensure that you purchased the car from the seller and that you are the owner of the car.

Original Documents

When you buy a pre-owned car, you need to transfer the ownership as well. It is important to keep the original documents with you when you will need to support your claim. This is always better than providing the photocopies. This isn’t required in the case of new cars.

There are certain original documents which can only be with the owner of the new car. They are the Tax Receipts which ensures that no dues are pending and you don’t need to pay the penalties. Another is the dual fuel certificate whichis for those modified cars which can run on two different types of fuel, namely petrol,and diesel. You also need to have the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your respective Regional Transport Office (RTO).

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Payment receipts

Another thing to ask for is the payment receipt for the different payments which you have made. Inside this receipt,there should be the address of the dealer as well as the details of their contacts. This is very important, as this is the proof that you have purchased the used car from them. SO, make sure that you have the original copy and not the photocopied one.

Registration certificate

In countries like India, after you have bought a new car, you need to register it as well. This is considered to be an important document to have while you are driving on the road. It contains the car’s details namely, the registration number, chassis number,and the engine number. These are some of the ways in which your car can be identified. You should also match the details with the car. There might be a chance that the engine was replaced due to some reasons after the initial registration of the car. So, you will need to change the engine number from the registration certificate. If you are buying the used car from one state and planning to use the car in a different state, you will need to pay an additional road tax in your state.


These certificates are a must to have. If you wish to sell off the car for any other purpose, you would be needing these documents. So make sure that you acquire them from the previous owner of the car.