PPSR Certificate by Australian Government

Who authorizes PPSR Certificate?

With rise of financial needs and thefts the Australian Government provides a unique system of verification for the vehicles to be purchased or leased or for selling. To keep the residents at bay from any fraud regarding their personal property it has issued ppsr certificate which discloses the history of the property as who is the dealer and creditor. One can login on CheckVIN website that is one of the leading securities interest register in Australia who has been offering their services to more than 300,000 happy customers of Australia since 2012. They keep all the records online and let their client’s quick access to this certificate that is issued under section 174 of the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 for all the vehicles along with REVs check report.It is thus essential to check the history of vehicle as it may have multiple registrationsand named on any other person.

Whom does it benefit the most?

ppsr check

Personal Property Securities Register is maintained by Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) where in the details of security interests with respect to personal property can be registered and searched online.

  • All the financial firms like banks and money lending organizations can check the money owing details of secured parties and their contact details to check the risks of debts on existing security interests.
  • Using Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) one can check in the theft records to know if the vehicle is stolen and offered to the third party likewise can also refer the number plate thefts, engine thefts and the police reference number all on online notice board.
  • In Australia the vehicle registration number possess 17 characters on number plate with starting capitalized alphabets and the remaining digits. The registration alphabets generally start with the region names as NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA, NT, TAS, ACT etc.
  • The Australian government considers two types of reports to pass the ppsr certification to their clients: one VIN and the other REVs (Register of Encumbered Vehicles) or VSR (Vehicle Security Registers) check reports to pass the Personal Property Securities Register certificate.


Have you ever heard about ppsr? It is an electronic register that works online and regulated by Australian Government to check the genuineness of the vehicle if it has any multiple registrations.For further information please visit the website of Check VIN or make a call to their customer care representative to clarify your doubts. Ensure to check before you sell, buy or lease any personal property in Australia through this electronic register.