What You Need to Know About ASMR

Have you ever experienced a certain tingling but relaxing sensation when someone whispered in your ears or when you hear tapping on the table? You have to know that this strange but relaxing sensation has a name – ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). It is time to know things about it.

What is ASMR?

Experts also call ASMR as AIHO (Attention Induced Head Orgasm) or AIE (Attention Induced Euphoria). This happens if you experience a kind of brain tingling feeling that starts in your scalp, coursing down through your spine and finally moving to your limbs.  The thing about ASMR is that science has not totally explained it clearly. However, scientists believe that the endorphins are the main cause of the sensation.

brain tingling feeling

Note that the endorphins are neurotransmitters responsible for the parent-child bonding. When the parent and child are close, the brain of the infant will release endorphins that inhibit pain while causing relaxation. The stimulation of the endorphins sends a signal to the brain perceiving a safe and trustworthy situation thereby causing the individual to relax even to the point of falling asleep. You have to know that the bond between mother and child is considered as the strongest ASMR stimuli. Remember though that this theory has not been tested and proved.

What stimulates ASMR?

ASMR is a spontaneous feeling. This means that it happens without you putting much effort. However, there are people who attempt to stimulate it because it brings such pleasure. Many stimulate it through an audio/video like podcasts. For those that are attempting to elicit ASMR, there is no universal trigger. This means that what causes ASMR in one person might not work for you. However, the good news is that there are a plethora of stimulators – some are not even documented yet.

What are popular stimuli?

You need to experiment with a range of stimuli if you want to find the best one that works for you. You can start with the most popular ASMR stimulus:

Whispering: this is one of the most powerful stimuli. When listening to whispering, it will create intense ASMR especially if earphones are used. For this, the main focus is the sound, not the words. In fact, there are many videos designed to trigger ASMR through whispering.

Soft talking: if you are not into a whispering, the next thing to consider is soft talking. Soft talking is popular especially when a female voice is used. It is powerful that it can cause one to fall asleep.

Scratching and tapping: scratching a surface can cause intense ASMR. There are others who find pleasure in tapping the table.
Physical touch: you never know how a simple gentle touch can lead to powerful ASMR especially if both are romantically involved.