Why choose service of West Coast

The quality, trust and savings provided by West coast are what makes it worthy for a try. The vision of the company is to prove a transparent service that comes with a mission. They pledge to make the experience of buying used cars in Montclair pleasant by providing the customers with the quality pre-owned cars at the prices which are best and affordable with incomparable customer service.

Quality of the service:

The service starts with the buyers who inspect the cars and look for purchase all over Southern California. West Coast knows that the buyers nowadays have not only extensive knowledge of the quality vehicle market but they also know what is necessary to have in a pre-owned car. There are different colours, packages and desirable features. During the process of buying, an average of 9 out of 10 vehicles gets rejected that means only a percent gets approval. The buyers consider quality standards as a priority this being a reason why there is a rejection of pre-owned cars. Basic standards include zero policies against some of the below-mentioned things:

  • Salvage title as reported by Carfax or DMV
  • Branded vehicles as Lemon Law reported by Carfax or DMV
  • Flood damage vehicles as reported by Carfax
  • Mileage rollback of vehicles as reported by DMV
  • No vehicles that come with excessive wear and tear
  • No vehicles that come with an excessive cost of repair, mechanically or cosmetically.used cars in montclair

The attention of the company is to provide a quality service that doesn’t stop at the levels of buyers but something that continues through the complete transaction and much beyond that which includes even after the sale service. Each of the cars has to go through an extensive 128-point of inspection. The inspection of the vehicles includes the major and minor vehicle’s systems such as Engine, drive train, transmission, brakes, suspension heating, steering and system of cooling and heating, tires and the exhaust system.

The brand feels pride in having the finest selection of used old cars in the region of Southern California. Brand’s inventory of old cars includes everything from trucks, sedans to compacts, hatchbacks, vans and SUVs all with a price that is affordable. They have got everything for every kind of a customer with every brand regardless of age, budget or lifestyle. The quality of the service makes it worth a try and the customers keep coming back.