Boy or Girl? Let’s Find Out!

Parents sometimes like to cross dress babies for fun, photo shoots or even for just a happy memory. If it’s a baby girl you’re cross dressing, you would have to put a fake mustache or beard for her to look the part because girls wear just about all kinds of clothes boys wear. Although it’s a little easier to cross dress boys because boys don’t wear frocks and to slip them into a frocks with a little jewelry and head accessory cold be enough. There is also this new concept of dressing sleeping babies. Parents usually dress them like characters from the movies, books, and comics; or about them being on water, near a beach or on a hilltop when in reality they are comfortably sleeping in their beds. You all have pictures from your childhood wearing something the other gender wears and you are smiling so contently maybe because your picture was being clicked or your parents looked so happy or you were just attracted by the flash on the camera. After a princess movie was released, a girl wearing a similar kind of gown and 아동복 surfaced and it became an internet sensation overnight. After that many parents tried to get similar costumes and dresses for their little girls and the kids’ couldn’t get enough of wearing those adorable gowns.

Making kids dress up

Fancy a Dress For The Kids?

Making kids dress up as another person, character, or an object makes them learn about those things and their stories.  There are fancy dress competitions held across states and schools which encourage the kids and parents to participate. Some competitions have themes which you have to stick to and sometimes you can dress the baby up as anything as you see fit. If the theme is prom night then the little boys can dress up in formal suit with shoes and their hair combed back and the girls can wear their 아동복, gowns, tiaras and sandals. It is sure to look like a little reunion with so many princes and princess running around look adorable eating, jumping around on the inflatable bouncers and dancing. After having fun at these competitions they are bound be make friends, speak under a limelight and sleep a peaceful night’s sleep after all the running around that happened. Dress up or no, all kids look so adorable when they are sleeping peacefully and giving mommy and daddy less trouble too.