City dwellers have tough time to get to see the cloudless sky let alone a starry lit one due the enormous amount of pollution in the air. Yet you could make this happen with the help of star projectors that is now available online or in retail stores with attractive features and prices. You must know that looking at the sky full of stars is a captivating moment for both young and old. It just is fun, peaceful yet mindboggling way in knowing what lies in them. It is not always for the astronomers, scientists to ponder about the night skies or the ones who predict our futures by studying our star and planetary positions or sailors who feel the guiding light of the stars. The star gazers can just be normal people who feel fascinated at the twinkling or making a wish at a broken star or looking out for a comet etc.

holographic technology

Features to look for

The star projectors fulfil your wish right in your room it can liven up any party or event. It is also good purchase to be kept in the kids’ room. It will not only give them an interesting object to observe also put them to sleep. There are different modes of lighting which can be a good for any party or mood setting moment. When going to bed you could switch it to a bedroom night light. This gives it an extra point for not only being a part of the décor but its usefulness apart from that.

It can be run on batteries as well with the help of an adapter, with the advanced ones you can plug it into USB ports too. These projectors can create thousands of stars in your room. There is also an inbuilt green laser and holographic technology. There are ones that play music too, this a big turn on after the amazing star gazing experience. Children simply find it an amazing experience and effective way to distract them when they turn cranky. You could have a wonderful romantic time at your own home with thousands of stars and music playing the background.

The graphics and amazing lighting experience are out of this world which consist of constellations, stars, planets and much more. There are companies which provide two-month tech support. The images are in 3D along with 3D glasses provided to enjoy the whole experience. With a night lamp to boot, you can get an auto timer for the light which are charged with AAA batteries.