The world of animation and the sources behind the miracle

The first attempt of visual story telling concept was probably just few images and sketches born from artistic mind. However, when the idea of giving life to the images and sketches crosses the brilliant minds the word “Animation” was born. Animators when usefullyspilled     life into images, it was clear that there is no looking back. Eventually first animation was projected in public in 1877. However, the breakthrough came when Disney brother’s animation studio released their first full length animated movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” with the release of the movie the animation industry created history and the studio became one of the best ever-now known as Walt Disney animation studio.

Animation company and how they evolved

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Animation studios are not limited to any one category or segment. With the rapid growth in animation industry, more and more people started looking it as a career option. When the use of animation starting to invade into other industries and places like education medical or advertising, the demand for a skilled animator started growing. Small individual animated studios came into existence and stared creating a platform for those who like to create their own animated videos. Apart from the giant studios like Disney or century Fox, there are more than thousand large and small-scale animated company working all over the globe. They create a high-quality entertainment for short films or web series and many more. These studios are very specific while creating content for the customer. The main motto is to convey the message clearly and properly. The animation videos are quite popular than the written information in search engine as well. For example, we all know google is father of all search engines but when it comes to visual information we intently go for you tube! It is because visual information captures the viewers’ attention more precisely.  The best part of creating video contents for business or marketing purposes is that they come in an affordable price. Many companies draw inspiration from the product to create advertising or promotional themes or videos making their task easier. Animation is the best possible way to convey complex and extensive information in to simple and clear means.